How Often Should You Water Your Citronella Plants?

How Often Should You Water Your Citronella Plants?

People ask me all the time how often do you water citronella plant and the answer depends on the size of your citronella plant...



With our 4" citronella plants, we recommend checking the top inch of the soil. If it is dry, fully saturated the soil until the water pours out the bottom.

When a plant is in a smaller pot size, you may need to water it twice a day during spring and summer.

Our 6" or larger citronella plants hold a lot more water so in the spring and summer, they may only need to be watered every other day.

Quick Tip:

  • Pick up the pot before you water it. Try to get a sense of the weight of the plant. 
  • Put the pot down and completely saturate the soil until it drains from the bottom.
  • Pick the plant back up and try to get a sense of the weight difference. 


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